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How do you tell the time if your watch only has a single hand? Young German watchmakers Defakto teach us how with its one hand inventions. The clock face of the Defakto Eins uses a single floating hollowed hand to tell you the time in intervals rather than minutes or seconds, with markings indicating the hour and quarter-hourly periods.

Time can be accurately estimated within two minutes by reading the hour and relevant 15-minute period of that hour. The Defakto Detail provides smaller markers to denote 5-minute periods with slightly more certainty, but these watches are really not for the extremely meticulous. If you re a stickler for time, there s the conventional two hand version of the Eins called the Defakto Akkord which presents the same clean, simple and understated appeal.

Decidedly a minimalist triumph in horology, Defakto watches were created by Raphael Ickler of Pforzheim, Germany.

He was aspiring to display the time with the minimum information while being exact as needed.

One Handed Defakto Watches | Hypebeast

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